s. elias james

Composer | Producer | performer | Teacher


some cool demos

Heart of Africa Scoring Demo, 3 Cues

by S. Elias James (ft. Alicia Egbuniwe) | Heart of Africa OST

Heart of Africa: Companions Demo, 4 Cues

by S. Elias James (ft. Alicia Egbuniwe) | Heart of Africa: Companions OST

Backing Track Demos, 4 Songs

by S. Elias James | Backing Track Demos

Songwriter Production - Simple, 4 Songs

by Hannah Benge, Mitch Bandley, Mary Knaphus, John Lamont | Recording Demos

Songwriter Production - More Complex, 3 Songs

by Hannah Benge, Dixie Choque | Recording Demos

Live Jazz Concert Recording

by Hannah Orrock | Live Recording Demos

Voiceover Demo, from Heart of Africa: Companions

by Brandon Ray Olive | Voiceover Demos

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Live/Studio Recording, Mixing

Film Scoring

Audio Post-Production, Re-recording Mixer

Music Videos

Studio One, ProTools, RX, etc . . .


Singer / Songwriter Production

Studio Vocals

Live Vocals

Private Voice Lessons



Music Technology Professor

Rock / Jazz / Pop History Professor

Music Tech Curricula Design

Writing, Editing

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign 

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